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Credit Card Loan | Credit Card Line of Credit

Your signature as well as your credit history secures this type of loan. A credit card loan allows you to borrow money without collateral granted that you meet the credit card loan requirements. This loan sometimes operates on a revolving basis, which provides an advanced functionality and allows you to borrow an amount that depends on your available line of credit. A revolving credit loan establishes default information such as interest type and base rate, facility fees and minimum payments.

A credit card loan can be used for a number of purposes including consolidating debt, paying off other credit cards, paying bills or even personal use. Many people with poor credit use this type of loan to establish a stronger credit rating.

Although credit cards that offer a line of credit usually do so at an interest-free rate, most do charge an account set-up fee from $150 to $400. A strong credit rating isn't necessary since many people use this type of loan primarily for strengthening their credit standing. Major credit cards as well as company cards offer credit lines although the company loans usually require that you use the card to purchase specific items, usually from their business or affiliates. You must be at least 18 years of age and a U.S. resident with no undischarged bankruptcies.

Terms for this type of loan differ depending on the credit card company from which you obtain your loan. Interest rates generally range from 8.5% to 21% depending on a number of factors. Some credit cards have various repayment plans: borrowers can pay interest-only payments for a number of years of make full principal and interest payments.

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