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Personal line of credit

Personal Loan from LendingTree. com - Personal line of credit
  • Personal loans no house require
  • Term starting 12 - 60 months
  • Choice of balloon payment or month to month.
  • Cash for Tuition, bill payment, medical bills, vacation, just anything if you qualify.
  • Personal Line of credit from Lendingtree.com, lender compete for your business.

Unsecured Personal Line of Credit

Do you have bad credit or no credit at all? Unsecured personal lines of credit offered by many banks help you in re-building your poor credit. These banks offer credit limits ranging from $1,000 to $50,000 even if you have poor credit or no credit at all. Unsecured credit line helps you to manage your cash flow during business fluctuations. They allow you to borrow funds for purchasing equipment, remodeling, or expanding your business premises as well as personal expenses.

Some of the benefits of unsecured personal lines of credit are:

  • Minimum payments of interest
  • Competitive interest rates are offered
  • Minimum annual fee

Some of the other major advantages of unsecured personal lines of credit are as follows

No long delay

Approval for unsecured credit cards is easy and quick. Generally you would get approved within a day no matter how poor you credit history is. Many unsecured credit lines are pre-approved. 

No hassles

You receive checks that allow you to make draws on your line whenever you want. Your credit line checks give you the ability to use your credit line whenever you need it.

No sky-high interest rates * Read terms and agreement

Banks offers very competitive rates, which are generally based on the Wall Street Journal Prime Rate. You only pay interest on what you actually draw down on your line. Your rate is also based on the movement of the Wall Street Journal Prime Rate, allowing your borrowing costs to always be competitive. 

No collateral needed

You are not required to pledge any collateral as these are unsecured credit lines. Banks can do this by evaluating your personal situation as a principal and a guarantor of the Line of Credit.

No bills to mail - * read terms and agreement

Repayment of your Line of Credit is easy too. Through automatic deduction to your Checking Account, you can enjoy the convenience of knowing that your payment has been made on time and not too early and not too late. 

Every month, the bank would send you a statement that shows your account status and the payment due. Such Line of Credit is flexible too. Generally, you are only needed to repay the amount of interest that is due for that month. Interest-only repayment enables you to decide how much of the outstanding balance you want to repay at any given time. 


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